Days of Forever

A life is forever though of but a few days,

Born so small,

Crying for someone, to love them, to provide for them.

Dad is near, Mom is nearer.

Embracing a life, if done well, a life added to their own.

First steps.

Grade one.

High school prom.

Into college.

Just eloped.

"Kiss the bride."

Love her so or so it seems.

Marriage endures, strengthens, matures.

Neighbor's wife, almost strayed.

Only saved by mama's voice.

Quit smoking.

Repaired the roof and cleaned the pool.

Saw the doctor and it wasn't good.

Time is ticking.

Under hospice care.

Visited the home place one last time.

Wished for more, but I've had enough.

XOXO'ed my loved ones, catching up.

Years nearly gone.

Zero left, but then forever came and life lived on.

The End

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