a sweet treat to eat

apples are good but not the best

blueberries are sweet but not my type of treat

cranberries are okay if they come fresh from the yard

doughnut are fine but they are just not mine

eclair's are not the best but they will do

fries are good but never just right

grapes are okay but only the green one for me

hot dogs are good but still not the best

ice cream is fine but only the chocolate mint kind

jam is okay most of the time but only on my toast

Lemons are sour but they sure are good

mango's are good but don't hit the spot

nachos are kind of spicy but I only eat them with guacamole

olive are good but only the black

peaches are sweet but still not quite right

quite a dilemma I have right here

rather I know not what to  eat

strawberries are good especially on cake

tomatoes are good, did you know their a fruit?

um now i shall decide what I am to eat

very good choices but none quite right

what am i missing?

x there is no food that starts with x so sad

yes so why is that

zzzz ,oh no I feel asleep



The End

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