Alphabet Poems

Any alphabet poems you have written.


An old man and woman sit together on a park

Bench, they have lived together, loved together

Cried together, laughed together.

Drawn on their faces are lines of

Experiences forgotten and remembered.

For now they sit content,

Gazing in each others eyes,

Having each other with them

Is enough to keep them whole.

Just remembering

Kindness from friends,

Longings unfulfilled,

Much more than you can see in their expressions,

Now and forever.

One son and daughter they had.

Parents of their own children now, A

Quaint old house for holidays.


Some of their friends are dead now with new ones in their place.

Talking, laughing, remembering

Until they laugh or cry.

Vivid pictures in their heads,

Worsening weather,

X-mas’s and midsummer days,

Yammering busybodies,

Zealotry and moderation.

The End

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