I’m just a puppy’s tail,
They try to catch me,
And chase their own frail
And wagging lives.
But just as it is 
To the eyes of the dog,
Never clear, he plays until
His teeth sink in,
And with a yelp
He cries because he’s found himself.

I think I drank too much,
Soggy and wet, I remembered that time
When you said how you’d stay,
You cut off your legs
So you couldn’t walk away,
Darwin sang his final song,
You grew wings ,
And then you were gone.

My hands feel like paper 
And I’m bent in half,
A simple swan that can’t hold its shape,
Origami means less when
The medium is your bones,
You hover there and I’m never sure,
Will you crease me further,
Or unfurl these folds?

The most amorous and
Beautiful things I own
Are the ocean and you,
They’re the same,
The sky is blue
And the tide has been out
For much too long.

The End

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