Alone in the Night

On a soft summer night, your eyes gleam beneath starlight as you watch the cool shadows of the apple trees. You stand in tall grass with your toes free and your jeans rolled up to your knees. The air brushes your face with dreams of flying, and the scent of rain is in your hair.

If only there was another. If only your hand could fall into the cool palm of a lover. So light and free you both could be, racing through the night beneath the trees. With wind for hair, and sky for skin, you could discover all that lies within. Your two beating hearts would carry you in between the rows of apple trees. To the stream where waters flow with dreams, and the splashing brings laughter to your lips.

But here you stand, alone with the infinite sky. Alone with your mind, your thoughts, your wish to fly. You walk with grace, your limbs are free, you gaze with love, you begin to breathe.

Anything is possible, you begin to ponder. Everything is reachable, you begin to wander. And when you reach the edge, you go further. Into the woods where darkness dwells, the depths of the soul will guide you. Unlike the wind this world is still, the peace of silence will find you.

Inspiration will play across your mind, but what it will tell you I cannot say. Hope will glow with new colors, but it what will paint is for you to discover.

All I know is that when you emerge, you will know which way to go. And you will run alone between the rows of apple trees. And you will find the stream where waters flow with dreams, and the splashing will bring laughter to your lips. Laughter that you may live, and joy that you may give to the lover you will one day discover.

The End

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