Every human being living on this earth has moments of intense loneliness, feeling the need for a Power greater than one's own. Alone...never. There's always a Comforter.

 Gazing on a shoreless ocean

Her heart pulsating with each wave

On the shore, without a motion

A tear rolls down and joins the sea


Pain, rejection, friends hard to be kept

Solitude is her unwelcome lot

Companions slowly fade with the sunset

Light and darkness cannot co-exist


Alas, this world proves too much

In sorrow, she kneels down to pray

Nothing, oh nothing but the Father’s touch

Can ever take the pain away


This dark night of weeping will soon turn to morning

The assurance can be had of future beauty for ashes

And the oil of joy, for this moment of mourning

I’m a pilgrim and a stranger here, tarrying but a night.

The End

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