I wrote this very long poem a few years ago, so it's not that good...

    Alone in the dark,

No fire, only sparks,

Sits a lonely creature.

    Alone in the night,

And without a fright,

Sits a lonely creature.

    Alone in the light ,

And it so terribly bright,

Sits a lonely creature.

     Alone in the day,

Not a word to say,

Sits a lonely creature.

    Until out of the bushes,

And when the wind 'whooshes',

One of his kind came to him.

    She had came to him

With only one whim,

For him to follow her for eternity.

    Questioning all the while,

She just gave him a big smile,

And said these simple words,

    "The last of our kind, are we."

With a stunned expression, he askes, "How can that BE?!"

Then she goes on for the whole story.

    With the passing of hours,

Clouds climbing into towers,

She speaks of their past.

    She was a queen, and he was a king,

And to save their race they had to sing,

For that was how they reproduced.

    So they sang for days,

Ignoring others' says,

To repopulate their race.

    When done finally

All you could see

Were little creature babies.

    "Our work here is done

So nigh shall we depart into the sun,

To sleep for the rest of eternity."

    "But why shan't thee

Hence run away with me,

A promise made like a death oath?!"

    "Because now I

Have to die,

For the bearing too much..."

    "Please, my love,

One as fair as a dove,

Let us sing once more into the earth."

    So once more they sang,

All the while their voices rang

Untill one moon had passed.

    "Oh, my Queen, why,

If it was told you were to die,

Has it not happened within the moons passing?"

    "I do not know, my King,

But now all I want to do is sing

Into the heavens for eternity..."

    "Oh, my Queen,

Does this finally mean

The passing of your soul?"

    "Yes, my dear,

It is my only fear,

But treat our kingdom well..."

    "Oh, my Queen, WHY!?!?

Why must you die!?!?

You are my Queen, and no other shall ever be!!!"

    And with that she died,

And the good king cried

Into the dark night.

    But left completely not was her soul,

Which burrowed into his mind like a mole,

To help him cope.

    Then the king sat

On a mat

Of patted dirt.

    But the more he would mourn,

Ever worse grew his scorn,

Untill he decided he, too, should die.

    That night,

He tried to fight

The urge to kill himself.

    His loss was too much,

And he felt no powerfull clutch

Like a proper king should

    That night as he went to bed,

Dread filling his head,

The king dreampt of his Queen.

    He dreampt of the Queen,

In an aura of golden sheen

Around her whole self.

    "Oh, my dearest King,

Bound to me by a ring,

Please do not kill yourself."

    "But I miss you,

And your kingdom does, too!!!

But I will do what you want."

    "Oh, dearest King,

Please take off your ring,

And set it in my hand."

    "Waht good will that do

When no longer existing are you

In this world?"

    "In the morning it should be proof enoguh

For you to stay tough,

For your ring will not be there."

    So he took off his band,

And placed it in her hand.

Then she set it in her pocket.

    The next day there was no ring to be found,

So he looked on the ground

To try to find his ring.

    He looked under and by his bed,

Checked the little patch of hair on his head,

But it was nowhere to be found!

    "Oh, my Queen,

Now I have seen

Why I should stay alive."

    So he went on living,

Now happier, his kingdom giving

Him full support and respect.

    Untill one day,

A few days into May,

The king announced to his people,

    "People of this land,

All under my command,

I have great news to tell!

     "My Queen has shown me

A reason to be

The ruler of this land."

    "Then why do we,"

Asked a creature that looked like a bee,

"Have to suffer here?!"

    "it is true that we suffer here!"

Started one who was in the form of a deer,

"From lack of shelter?"

    "Then why do thee

Stay here with me

And not go make thy own kingdoms?"

     "So you are asking why

We do not try

To make our own kingdoms?"

    "I am asking that, yes,

And I must confess

That the kingdom IS depleting a little..."

    "Depleting a LITTLE, you say?

Well then why don't you look the other way

Or through our eyes?"

    "Look through your eyes you want of me?

Fine then, I will for thee.

But only because we are kin."

    The nmost of his people cheered,

But a few still jeered,

At the king's proposal.

    So throughout the next week,

The king began to seek

What made his people so sad.

    Throughout the next week,

He found the peak

Of their sadness and fixed it.

    "My people, I am glad

That you are no longer sad

From lack of food and shelter."

    "Thank you for serving our needs,

And now all the food that feeds

Us will be plentyfull."

    So the king just smiled

As the food piled and piled

Into a very tall heap.

    With all the problems pushed aside,

And the villagers never cried

The king lived the rest of his life fair,

Never bothering to cut his hair,

And waited for his Queen to return to him...

The End

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