A lost love, a broken heart

A shattered soul, it hurts a lot

I don't know if you are true

Tell me now, tell me, please do

You are there but far away

I know you wil leave some day

Leaving me all alone in here

With no one close no one so dear…


Now it's time for you to leave

I still haven't told you how I feel

The tears are running down my cheeks

I feel so scared I feel so weak

I see you leave I wave to you

YOu wave back and I smile at you

My insides are screaming –“Don't leave me alone!”

You just tell me to pick up the phone

A quick hug and you get in the car

I turn back, you already seem so far…


Today it's been almost a year,

Do you remember me, my dear?

I think about you so often

And the day you left me hanging

I wish I’d have told you den

And maybe we’d be more than friends

And maybe you wouldn't have left at all

With me still waiting for your call…

The End

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