When you’re called away by a matter more pressing than people.

When you turn to face the enemy

and it’s just an empty room.

When the angels mourn your absence but you don’t hear them.



Stuck in the middle of an ocean. Your friends cannot reach you;

your loved ones can’t swim. The water is cold.

Cold and fast and deep.



In the midst of a roiling, raging storm.

The thunder swallows your cries. The lightning blinds you.

And the darkness feasts on your spirit.



though Sorrow will ferry you to distant shores.

You think on your life, ... or maybe you don’t.

Both thought and blankness are treacherous.



Where is the light?

Where is the warmth that you’ve always sought? That warmth

like a soft,




And if you know you’ll find a friend,

that’s little consolation now.

So stars stay dull and birds don’t fly. Clouds are grey

and angels cry.

When you are all alone.

The End

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