All the World's Childplay

 It couldn’t be more obvious

Our world’s one of God’s stages

And everyone’s an actor

Our seven acts are ages.

Every woman and every man

Are simply theatre players

The script-writer of course, is God

Who answers all our prayers.

Every child has seven ages

A baby howls at the moon

Like a werewolf, until she’s fed

She cries again, far too soon.

Then a toddler, blabbing nonsense

Taking first steps in old shoes.

In pink, like a Disney princess

Doesn’t know what life she’ll choose.

Then nursery, lifted by strange hands

Plays first games with her first friends

Smiling with innocent faces

Sent to school when this age ends

Stiff white shirts and snow-white socks

In the playground, gappy smiles

They play in China and in Sydney

In their minds, they’ve travelled miles

Tests, the bane of children’s lives

Spends nights studying in vain

Tells homework lies, tries to revise,

But it won’t stick in her brain.

Sixth age - all change - secondary school

First love and first broken heart

Hyenas giggle in corridors

Best friend group, never apart.

Teenage life - a thunderstorm

Of angst love gossip, scandal, hate

Growing up, leaving friends behind

Now’s the time she meets her fate

And so her life continues on

A small part in a giant play

You don’t know when your exit is

So live your life for today.

The End

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