All The Things I Can’t Say

Did I lose my mind that night or

Was there something between us?

Since that day I been wondering why

In life everything happens for a reason

A true testament of time.


Your every move has caught my eye

You make me feel like there’s no other guy

I wish I could tell you how I feel about you

But I’ll never know if you feel the same way too.


When I awake you’ll be in PEI

Deep inside I feel like I could cry

This sudden impact that you’ve had on my life

Has taken over my mind.


Your hair so brown and your skin so tan

I wish that I could be your only man

Give you everything you ever wanted in life

And my body, mind and soul


I hope someday we’ll get to meet again

Until then please keep in touch, my friend

I’ll never forget the effect you’ve had on me

Is there ever a way that you and I could be?

The End

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