All the numbers

The number that starts is number one                                                        with just one person you cant have fun

Then comes next is number two                                                                 at least now you can play peek a boo                                      

The third number of course is number three                                           at last you can have your friends for tea

When the fourth number is number four                                                    all of your friends will come knocking at your door                                   

Now we are at number five                                                                        who's for a surf and a dive

The sixth letter is here and its number six                                              now all your friends have got some sticks        

when we get to number seven                                                                everyone seems to think of heaven                        

all the numbers that really scare us is number eight                             when somebody asks us for a fight                                                            

Now we are at number nine                                                                       were everyone is feeling fine                                                      

finally were all together all of ten                                                               except our little friend ben         

The End

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