all that war bringsMature

Ok, as bleak as ever. a highly subjective view of war in poetic form. which shall be used in a play I'm working on.

discuss your opinions on war if you want. I'm leaving this open for any one that wants to add their own poetry. if you have had any experience of war, write about it (hopefully in a poetic form).

War. A blinding affair, like the wings of ravens.                                                                             A flailing mass of sinew and feathers, where the strong manipulate and the weak are manipulated.                                                                                                                                                 War. Blood soaked, there are no havens.                                                                                         A swirling morass of hatred and fear, fear dictates the blind and the blinders spin the fear.                                                                                                                                                                   War. Confusion and cowardice.                                                                                                           Filling the air with screams and accusations. The confused are the monsters and the cowards are humane.                                                                                                                              War. Where human life is spent like rice. The thinkers are plucked from the wings while the doers are rewarded.                                                                                                                     An insane addiction that Humankind cannot facilitate. Breeding killers and profiteers, blinding the people and killing off the moral.                                                                                     All that war brings...   

The End

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