all that remains

My parents told me

not to sell the ring.

I think it was because 

they still believed

we would get back together,

they believed 

you had it in you to be the good guy.

After watching my body, broken and bruised,

my eyes bleeding tears no love should refuse,

they hoped

you would be the happy ending

I longed for.


When I think of you,

there is nothing.

No pain, no regret, no dwindling emotions,

my heart is a void for you.

My memories of you that once shone like stars

have decomposed.

They are black holes,

pockets of emptiness in my soul

consuming any fleeting happiness

I may have associated with you.


Who were we?

Who were those people

we used to be,

before you turned on me.

The young lovers,

believing eternity was a reality,

the deflated air mattress we shared

though our backs hurt,

it was better than sleeping alone.

The nights we stayed up just to see the sunrise

without a care of how sleeplessness would compromise our tomorrow,

we lived

for each moment

for each breath

for each blink with you reflected in my eyes,

it wasn’t a cliché when I told you

I never thought we’d say goodbye.


But now,

all that remains,

all I have of you,

of all that so called love,

of all the promises you made that shattered

like your words upon my face,

is a diamond ring in a box,

sitting in the corner,

collecting dust.

The End

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