The Beach

You’re welcome at the beach


Where the sky it moves so lazy

And while it may seem hazy

Our memories are clear

So come on down and hear

Of antic dispositions

Going on secret missions

The fears and joys of each

All welcome at the beach


And you can show your scars

They make you what you are

All the wounds and pain

But came out of it sane

We all have hidden pasts

But secrets never last

And this is what we teach

On the  bright shores of the beach


Messages freed by bottles

Tell us to go full throttle

And live life to the end

And to our happiness tend

The waves no longer rage

We’re released from our cage

Right here is where we preach

Only joy, at the beach


And when yoou feel in darkness lost

Your whole soul covered with frost

When the light seems out of reach

Then you just remember the beach

The End

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