All Quiet Now

There was nothing but work work work this weekend... so now I am behind by the seemingly insurmountable number of three poems (plus one for today)... Ah life, you inspire poetry and take away the opportunity to write poetry.

All Quiet Now

Oh how they roared

caterwauled cacophony

the uncontainable 'more'

unquenchable dichotomy

causing such a row

Tearing to get out

flying asunder

a whisper, a shout

all running for cover

breaking the bough

I had such a need

to realize each thought

a scattered stampede

an audience sought

to whom I could bow

I felt such a drive

burn both ends concurrent

to define 'alive'

'til time the deterrent

would cease to allow

These days there are moments

all covered in dust

No more exponents

no more burning 'must'

no longer a vow

And I'm left to wonder

where it all went

as I try to uncover

just what I meant

the great missing 'how'

such phrases and fragments

could hope to contain

those grandiose statments

now long faded strains

All quite now

The End

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