All Our Smiles Shimmer Today

All our smiles shimmer today in a sky
as wide as a laugh and as blue as blue,
galloping green streets cushion the people
buoyed on wispy strands of air.

Spring is much-loved by the young (I know),
our wet petalled heads pushing past
a pretty winter's desolate grasp
and gulping in the world with tulip snares.

Picking pickers and picked alike,
all coy tides and waiting beaches.
Let's be clichés, just for the night;
in the dark of an April, who will know?

For today I am so much the tips of my fingers
I am the cat's whiskers, I am ants in the sand.
I have my privacies (Who cares? Who knows?).
I have seen you in snow and I have held you in hand.

The End

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