All of the time


Tell me to stay even if it’s needless

I have an odd stirring of desire but only your need can set it free.

Reveal it to me on bended knee

I’m ready for a reception

Kiss me as if my eye lashes are longer, my lips berry sweet

Reverence is in short supplies

I’ve had too much bruising affection

Loving as they gouge out their piece


Love come softly

Nothing is ever tentative these days

I chose virtue over intensity

And sacrifice the spark

But my feet still burn in the embers

My heart still beats

I still feel so vital

And I still want more


I’ve seen way too much of the whole catch-22

I’m tired of weighing my choices against another person’s

I can’t compromise all the time, especially when it takes you down that same old road

You can’t ask me to go backwards

Acting solely on approval

I’m asking for the very same thing you are, to be everything

They say you can have all you just can’t have it all at once

And I could live with that and not spend my life slouching

How about you?

Every emotion gifted at a pace not measured by time.

Sensation received all of the time

The End

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