Testing Times

Tell me something meaningless

Tell me something Gorgeous

Tell me somthing I want to hear

Tell me something, Take away fear


I've been pushing it away for far to long

Pushing it away to stop the throb

My heart is going numb with pain

What will hapen if we cant pay?


What if he doesn't get it

What if Mum looses it

What if she just drives him mad

What if I did something really bad


What if What if What if

"Dont make me get my fists"

"Don't talk to me like that you !$%%er"

"What you gonna do, Go tell *$&& Mamma?

That I've changed

Drugs and Booze

Last 3 days

Just want to snooze

Crappy I know

I can't get out

I can't find my voice and cannot shout."

The End

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