Sweet Guys

Let's start with a verse about Marshmallow

A sweet, sugary treat of tommorow

He's Yummy, He's scrummy

But his face is rather crumby


Our second is a cool Parma-Violet

Of discerningly cool baby lilac

But the taste inside is a gros plasticide

He's out, Thank God, It's decided


My third is a Moam chew,

I used to think I loved you

But I then found the truth

The sour sherbet inside

I found this version of chew was uber ew!


My fourth is a sweet, sweet Chocolate

With all too many shortcuts

He's gooey, he's melty,

The sweetest of yummies

But he's all too sarcastic for me


My fifth is the Sherbet Sucker

So named because he sucks

He is to me my John Tucker (Look it up-great film)

He's gone, I guess, out of luck.


My sixth is Popcorn

Not really a sweetie

But if I were his girlfriend I know that he'd treat me

With Love and respect

The very best yet

What a shame then that he resents my specs


And so, on to my last

A liquorice treat, if you ask

How does he treat me?

Like a best friend

And I know we will be right on till the end

He has no hidden secrets till you wind down to the middle

And there it is the Catherine Wheel Riddle

That is his heart

The End

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