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I am Everything

This is the first poem I wrote, and I remember sitting my bed and it just coming to me. Crazy.

I am old, wise and mighty, me

I am the birdsong on the trees

The whispering of true love gone

Whose life still sings it's happy song

For those who know my happiness

Can beat all villains, Hate and the rest

I am the Happy, buzzing bee

I am the footsteps in the sea

I am the glorious eagle bird

I am the fear of prayers unheard

I am the Tigeress

I am the cat

The one whom in the dusklight spat

I am a mouse

I am a whale

I am a fluffy kitten's tail

I am all these things, You see

Because Im the greatest ever to be

I conquer and give mercy

To all those whom my grace is worthy

I am not yours to graffiti or taint

For I am love, world's greatest faith.

The End

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