It's still raining down on me.Mature

 I stand, sodden, but, in awe!

Is it the melting ice caps I ask myself, this incessant downpour, these doom laden skies? It's raining at the Tokyo summit  (what a shame!) where the world leaders fake it for a week. Well, that's not fair, of course they want to help the poorer countries of the world, but they've got to put big business first, the economy comes before human, animal or plant life, of course it must!

And that's why they must starve, tighten their belts and think of the economy. It's that that makes the sunshine. They know best, that's why they're leaders. World leaders!  A cut above you or I! We must buy electric cars, that's the answer to global warming, that'll stop the ice caps melting in no time. That and changing your light bulb. The TV and computer and all of the other gizmos that are plugged into a power station, that runs on oil, fossil fuels, atomic energy, they don't really seem to be that significant, you need to buy more! Think of the economy for crying out loud!

Then, there's always the wonders of science that will save us from our greed, ignorance and rage. If they take stem cells from rabbits and bind them to human stem cells they could make humans who are a bit more timid, and bloody good at jumping! I hope we get in there first in Britain, because I can see an Olympic gold at long jump for us! But it's not just the world of sport that has a lot to gain from genetic engineering, because soon, you won't have to worry about growing older as we can plunder stem cells from the unborn and we need never die! Well, as long as we're not poor of course, but the poor could sell their organs and that's win win if ever there was! The economy will be alright, sleep soundly world leaders, you're doing a magnificent job! I stand well sodden, but in awe!

The End

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