All Hail The Raven

All hail the raven.
Sweet temptress of anarchy.
The ground may shake,
And order may break.
But her dissidence
Will never panic me.

She is leader.
She is fighter.
She stands with a backdrop
Of fire.
And yet her eyes shine brighter.

Head to toe,
She stands in black upon twilight.
So when the world burns bright like day.
She will stand strong like night.

No one really know her,
No one really knows why.
But she aims to plague and pollute
A peaceful nights sky.
All I know, is I feel it’s right.
So I will fight with her,
Until morning’s light.

She stands upon charcoal ruins.
And rallies the troops with thrust.
Her orders echo horror,
But I follow her influential trust.
‘Whom is not worthy, kill them.
Whom is worthy, save them!’
I’ll say it once more…
Once again…
All hail the raven.

The End

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