All day breakfast

a light hearted look at the all day breakfast

An all day Breakfast

Yeaterday I did meet a large fried egg

while walking in the rain

It looked at me in great suprise and said

Are you mad?or just insane?

No umbrella or wellington boots

It rains upon your skin

I said my skin is waterproof

So no rain cannot get in.

A thought came to me has I stood there

Why am I talking to an egg?

A runny egg that moved so fast

Just like an egg express.

Then the soldiers came.  All tall and proud.

And did dip into its yoke

This cant be real

It cant be tue

Is this a egg sick joke?

The egg,it was soon consumed

I felt sorrow and dispair

Then a string of sausages passed me by

arms waving in the air

Bacon and fried bread soon appeared

With bean at the rear

 Red sauce and brown, a cup of tea.

Pepper , then came along the salt.

A good breakfast  I could eat.

And im not washing up.



The End

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