All Alone

Just an outcome of my depression

When I'm screaming out loud in a
Crowded room, full of people
But not one pays any attention
Is it because none of them hear me?
Or is it because none care?
Is this what you call 'humanity'?

It's a world of
Cheerful faces, bright smiles
But look carefully, you will realize
That these smiles are forced
They are just masks, to cover up the pain inside
And I wonder,
Is there really, in this 'perfect' world,
Something called happiness?
Or is it just an illusion,
Just a cheap, delusive act?

When I have a huge weight on my chest
And I'm crying because it hurts, oh so bad
But I can't take it off me
Because the weight is just too heavy
I can't lift it alone, I need someone to share the burden
But there is no one out there who cares,
Because its really a selfish world
And I just have to endure my pain,
Sobbing all alone in the dark

I have 'friends', as they call themselves
Around me all the time
But travel a little deeper
Into that hearth they call a heart
And you see
I am alone in this world.
I came alone,
I travel alone,

And I will exit this world, all alone.


The End

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