Skeleton Crew

The first breath of the day
Blows the residue away
A ghost of a dream that seemed so real.
Gently rise from the grey
As I try to replay
The scenes or emotions they made me feel.

A skeleton crew
Memory of me and you
Filled out by the rhythm inside my chest.
There was a scenic view
Gold, silver and blue
A landscape painted with emotions confessed.

That it was always inside
Knocks me off my stride
As the pieces come crashing back together.
How can I hide
What can so easily be spied
By the way I look at her as if each moment is forever.

If i were to tell
Would she give me hell?
Or maybe she would pull me close to her
I'll hide in my shell
While I gather the intel
And pray she doesn't find another lover.

I love her

The End

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