On Christmas Eve...

Do i have something to say to someone ?

Yes, ido.

To you, i think you know who i am refering to, yes you.

I feel compelled to say to you over and over again how much happier i am since you came into my life. Today and every single day of my life, i wake today and every day with a smile on my face, you are responsable for that.

I don`t want to have your babies, not just yet .Maybe tomorrow.

But i want to be here for you always, for as long as i live in Britain and even when i don`t , time and geography will not matter, my feelings won`t change.

So to you, my dear friend , thank you for being you.

               A kiss from me to you on this magical day ,

                                on Christmas Eve, i hope you are having a

                                         wonderful time with your family .

                                                                 Carla Freitas

The End

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