All About You

I agree with Cass, that some people are meant to be together that's eternal love maybe...but I was just thinking does the intensity of love get reduced if you never get the one you love? Does your love don't count if destiny doesn't favour it? Just a thought...


Some relations are meant to be

People tied together by destiny

But souls can they be tied?

They are free, on winds they ride


Can destiny take away from me?

The wait, the pain, the misery

That I have and will go through

Cause I am so much in love with you


If luck never gave me my moment

Will my love for you be forgotten?

Will my feelings mean nothing?

If you don’t ever look at me

I don’t know what happens in the end

I just know this much my love my friend

In my dreams, my life, and my death too

My soul is yours, it’s all about you

The End

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