Were you mine
even a second of the time?
Was this all in my mind
Keeping me warm through lonely nights?

When I made you smile
And you laughed like a child
Was it all in my mind
Holding up hope to dizzy heights?

Am I the villain
in this piece
For listening to
my hearts pleas
For chasing
emotional relief
Did I imagine
all of this?

Was I ever out of line?

When you kissed me
Everything followed in sweet synchronicity
And I was thinking "we can be!"
But you suddenly left me cast out to sea.

Since then we haven't spoken
And you avoid me like i'm catching
And I don't know why we're broken
Because you will not talk to me.

The hollow time
stretches out ahead
And I think about you
when I lay in bed
And I wish you'd talk
to me instead
To save me from drowning
alone in my head.

Was I ever not out of my mind?

The End

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