In the beginning there was silence, hurt , and sorrow. One day the light shinned a little diferent and i was abble to see. To see you...


 I am colour blind. Not exacly how you should start a  love poem but then again , read me Nicholas you of all people will understand.


In life i stumble . I break in tiny little pieces and  that is when i first saw you. You didnt try to help or listen or give un-wanted advice you simply stared and i almost chewd your head off. I remenber thinking even back then you would not allow me to push you away in any aspect of my life. You made sure i stop and talk even when silence was all that i craved. You made me look inside and recognize the good and bad, and keep on going.

In your arms i am centred, safe. In peace.

We are not lovers.

Seating across me you normally look in my eyes and i see love there, you care. We have spend so much time learning the particularieties of who we both are and now in silence we stay.

Hands that reach out to each other, words spoken.

A touch. A look. An embrace, we stay still. The world revolves around, i am colour blind.

I see us from outside.

I see everything.

I am colour blind.

The End

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