(this may be cheating, but i stole the tempo for this from a song.. points to anyone who knows which!)

Love, i'm dying,
A terminal wound inside,
From where you were pried,
As you slipped away into the dark.

Love, i'm crying,
And every tear stings my eyes,
It should have been no surprise,
To feel you fall into the dark.

And everybody dies,
But you went before your time,
I find it too hard to disguise,
How much I think it is a crime,
And if everyone was like you,
Then we would all survive,
But i can't think of a reason to stay alive. 

Love, i'm lying,
On sheets that never felt your weight,
And every breath hesitates,
Before it is sighed out into the dark.

Love, i'm flying,
With you through clouds of cream,
And I know it is just a dream,
But I don't want to wake and face the dark.

And everybody dies,
But you're always on my mind,
Though I don't expect a reply,
You've got me praying all the time,
And if anyone was like you,
Then maybe i'd survive,
But i can't think of a reason to stay alive.

The End

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