Think you can do the next one?
One that interprets you into it?
Challenge accepted.

Does not contain mature content.


They don't see me,

They see her.

I have a smile on, it's fake.

Even though I'm in the same group, she's noticed more. She has more friends, she can have guy friends, I don't.

She's lovable and confident; I'm unsocial and stutter.

She can boast without being called a show-off, I can't. She has the amazing grades, the ones which reach top 10, I don't.

She's sociable, I'm the loner.

Teachers love her, I get detentions. She's praised, I'm asked to work harder.

She has boy-friends, I'm alone. She can pull it off, I look a mess.

She excels, I don't. She's perfect, I'm not.

She's the one I love.

She's my best friend.

The End

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