All about her

So far yet so near,

I see a beauty that’s oh so rare,

The way she smiles and lights up the room,

And gives my heart beat a mellow tune,

Her eyes they shine so bright and so true,

Yet it’s a wonder only seen by a few.

Her skin is fair, yes fair I say

Not hidden by night or scorched by day.

Light dances in her eyes so playfully,

Yet it’s her eyes give the light the dance of the free.

Though we are still new to each other,

We have a bond that cannot be broken by another.

She’s filled with life and generosity,

In years to come a wonder she’ll grow to be.

With those playful eyes and that heart lightening smile,

She lights up my world and all is not so dire.

Crystal is her name and does justice her name does,

For she is a gem, one of a kind,

 Not another to be found anywhere.

Though these words be filled with passion,

They hardly do her justice, she is a goddess

And with these words I cannot suppress

My glee in writing this for thee,

And with this I take my leave.

The End

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