Alive! In me...

The poem talks about your life after the death of a friend...
I lost a friend when I was a kid, and going through an old magazine I saw him in a group photograph. Memories blotted out everything and I didn't know what to do with those thoughts and emotions, so I just penned this down as a tribute.
May his soul rest in peace!

The journey to the other realm is short,
and the transition - swift.
You closed your eyes once, forever,
and alone I was left.

Here in this world which is now silent and still,
I breathe that which is not life anymore.
With you I lost that which nurtured me,
your absence shook my entire being, and my core.

Come back to me, come back here,
no more does life seem inviting.
Gardens remind me of the walks we had together in solitude,
but useless now are my tears and my longings.

Longing that you were still here,
so that we could be together, and be free.
But see, I'm still learning how to move on,
though I know now, anytime, any moment, you're alive in me.

I try to grow without you,
I try to accept the reality.
It cuts like a knife not to have you besides me,
but still, I live on, to keep you alive in me.

Look-how bad it feels to face others,
and not have you grasping my fingers.
Who is going to soothe my nerves now?
Alive in me, your presence is felt, but the loneliness is a curse.

I've found affection, I've found hope,
but even now do I miss your companionship.
My friend, how do you feel up there-amongst the clouds and angels,do you think of me?
Your ever smiling face haunts my sleep.

I've decided to cherish your memory forever,
till eternity shall it sustain me.
May you rest in peace, in tranquil silence,
you shall never cease being,

For you were, are, and shall remain- Alive! in me

The End

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