Alive In Her Dreams

What good is a smile

In a world full of lies

Where that little girl cries

Beause she’s not strong enough

To keep it all together?


And the only place she feels alive is in her dreams

Where nothing can hurt her

Nothing can hold her back, get in her way, put her down

Until there’s nothing left of her


Nothing left in her world

To believe in

And she feels nobody believes in her

And every day, she lives in despair

Waiting for the night where she will dream

And she will fight

To take control of her misguided life

Instead of finding relief in the blade of a knife


There’s a world of beauty behind the eyes

Where the little girl cries

But it’s masked by her life full of lies

The lies she tells and the lies the world tells her

She’s not okay, I’ll promise you that

She’s hiding behind her face

And it’s time you faced the fact


She’s not okay

She cries today

She’ll cry tomorrow

In the world of lies

Where the little girl cries

Where the little girl closes her eyes

Where she dreams for a better life

And not another lie

The End

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