Alice's Journey through Wonderland

My opinion of Wonderland and Alice

Following a white rabbit,

telling me where to go,

as fate would have it,

I fall down a rabbit hole!


"Welcome to wonderland!"

Says Tweedle Dee

He holds out his hand,

"There's much more to see!"


Giant mushrooms,

Eat Me cake,

Drink Me potions,

and hey wait!


Now we have found Tweedle Dum,

let's go and explore! Let's have more fun!


"There's so much more to do and see

so explore and run and come with me!"


Talking flowers,

a blue butterfly,

a girl with a top hat,

no wait... THAT'S A GUY


We have a tea party,

in his den

a dormouse, a hare,

They talk! All of them!


"Curiosity is my hobby"

"Never mind all that!

Let's get directions

from the Cheshire Cat"


The stripy, smiley cat is staring at me

"What do you want to know?"

"Tell me where to go."

I say without thinking about my curiosity


It's time to go,

the day is done,

"I'll come back soon,

and I'll bring my mum!"


I turn around to say goodbye,

and then I see a tear in Hatter's eye


I hug him tight

"I've had a blast."

I then wake up.

Home at last!

The End

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