What’s this?

I cannot see for the fog

Only the massive outline

Sick and grey around the edges

Oh, grey

The good and bad

The safety zone

Where they don’t let you

Taste your own tears, or

Fall on your knees, and

Thrust your arms to the vacant sky

On queue.


Your eye woke me up

From a dream the other night

Upon the definite suture of time

That connects a second to another-

That is alarm

A tasteless substance

Sentiment free

That is why I want to put it out,

The fire of your blazing window

For I cannot translate

The language of your eye.


I have followed it

Like a glowing orb in the night time

Not too close

Then I would exhaust it.

What message do you carry for me?

How to live? Laugh? Love?

Well I might just listen

Because I’m clinging on to my past

With such stale static

But the party is well over

And the young have gone home

Please don’t turn up your noses at me

Or confiscate my ratty blanket.


You remind me

Of all I lacked

The phrases I couldn’t string together

The beautiful aura I couldn’t pick up on

Because a strange feeling has come over me

And I don’t know what it is, only that

They’ll find it in my autopsy

One of these days.

The End

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