We do multiply

I know you.

You turned off the switch behind your eyes

So nobody knows you’re there

Enamel hard, and I know what you say

That you can soar above our heads

Your own head


But then I get to open you up

Front to back, page for page

So that I can laugh, high and acidic

At your lungey-spongey walk

At your loosey-goosey talk

Snipping the strings attached

(Like you could live without it all)

Quite close

Too close

Never quite too close enough

Make a close shave



Closer on the road to insanity

Closer in the name of vanity

But we’re on to you.

We hear tell

From the stubble you couldn’t shave

It’s still there, you know.

Angry from that horrible scorn,

It cries for a good distance

And we thank you, that we may

Laugh, high and acidic

At your lungey-spongey walk

At your loosey-goosey talk

And only until we realize

That we, too, are trying in vain

To sway our everlasting stubble

Do we add a pinch of salt

To the acid in our veins.

The End

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