The way I see it, everyone is innocent.

Take a minute, ask me why

Everyone has an alibi.


So the secret’s out.

I shook for you, there on that stand

A thousand eyes, and your own words-

They don’t come out like staccato

Speedy and sure- no.

Lies, they’re funny things

Make me or break me

Soar up and out, or crumple around my ankles

Am I in or am I out?

Oh, I was in- with every doubt.


Who will hold me when I cry?

Everyone has an alibi.


You do strange things

With people breathing down your neck

Steely propositions- orders

You fail them, and you fail yourself.

A blaring screech thrusts you up

And you run like they told you to run

But you trip over your own shoes

Landing, clumsy-handed, on the cold turf

It laughs at you

Failure feeds your audience

Those carnivores.


Drown my faults if I should die

Everyone has an alibi.


Blotchy, red, angry is my face

If it doesn’t smile at you,

Flash a pearly set of teeth,

It spells evil.

Sight down this chain of mine-

Where am I from? A terrible decision

Long ago- fateful. How do I rectify it?

I do not. It poisons everything in its path

Spreading like black death

And opportunity recedes into the realm of my last nightmare.


See me with a better eye,

For I have an alibi.

The End

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