alcohol only quells the fire for a bit

otherwise named 'i'm not an alcoholic (i just drink like one)'

a shot of


straight to the brain.

mix me another one,

you tell the bartender.

slices of lemon ring the edges.

depression, anxiety,

mix that right in with some tequila

hard alcohol to make it go away.

light a rag on fire,

set it to flame,

start a molotov cocktail off,

it's never quite the same.

burn through firewalls,

fizzle the hardware out,

like it's just sending

sparks everywhere,

exploding in a tangled mess of wire and brain.

do it again,

this time add

some good scotch and whiskey,

for the heck of it,

pour in a drop of vodka,

see if you can take it.

so drain out

this cocktail, volatile mix of chemicals,

that constitutes as my brain.

The End

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