Alas One Cold Winter

My lives call out to you.

The love that I have felt,

Has long since dwindled away.

My time has come upon this new day.

My blood flows freely through my veins.

For my heart is broken,

Like a sword in two.

The hilt and the blade.

For you need both for it to function.

Alas, I write upon these walls.

My hearts desires,

My life long failures,

The dreams I have never become.

I believe,

For I have seen, with my own eyes,

The footprints of a giant.

The path that I have led,

Following in the footsteps of the giants.

With me walked another,

and with him a her.

As always one followed another.

We all win,

Though the light is dimming.

The pain subsiding enough to feel the air,

Blowing just so gently upon my face,

My naked body, My once and only fragile mind,

Now in pieces within this grave,

This last testament of my faith.

The barrier between my freedom and my pain.

The End

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