Alabastrine agony

If you're reading this and think "well this must be about me", well firstly thank you for reading, however I can think of a number of people who could think exactly that. Also as with all of my work events, emotions and anything else fitting that begins with "e" has been over dramatised for the purpose of flair.
Please make sure to read and comment, even if negatively

I do not see you as a man
But as a stubborn ghost
Your presence may be great and grand
But your body's but a host

I do not see you as a friend
Just as a gilded wart
We'll talk meanwhile I might pretend
This encounter costs me nought

But every time, that I'm reclined
Eyes lost upon my ceiling
I softly whine, that I'll be fine
Hide from the barbs of feelings

 A harpoon lodged, inside my chest
The rope around your waist
I hide, I think "I'll do my best"
Complaint is in bad taste

Oh smile to the nice child
who's trying to stay phatic
You can chat a short while
With only pleasure lacking 

The End

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