Ain't No Kiddie Ride

Come one, come all

Experience the ride that will certainly enthrall

Age, is the rule so height doesn’t matter

Step on up and we'll make time go faster

All aboard as we start off slowly

Building to the climax of this very exciting story

With one small hill after the other twist and turns

Oh gods oh brothers

Bumps and grinds

Now we're gaining speed,

One more hill to go and you're screaming with glee

Hitting that peak where your screams get caught

Loving the feeling that you so often fought

One more twist and one more turn

Pushing harder

Getting a small burn

Slowing down, think it’s over?

You’d be wrong, oh joy, oh mother-

There’s one more hitch

And it’s a son of a-

It’s one more push

The hardest of them all

Taking you upside down

Feeling like you'll fall

Time seems to stop as you free fall down

Smiling and laughing, giddy as a clown

One more time you think we're done

But let me tell you there’s just a bit more fun

There’s a short pause where you think you're gold

 Twice is better than once

or so I've been told

Pushing off backward

Doing everything again

Somehow some way

this has got to be a sin

With waves more massive than any tide

there’s no wonder this ain’t no kiddie ride

The End

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