Aim For Bullseye

All these bones.


Dusted with bright white lines,
They should be apologising,
For all the broken homes they’re leaving

We thrust silicon smiles
Plastic bodies last a while,
They forget all these bones need feeding.

They say there’s no road left,
Yet we’ve reached our destination,
Leaves you wondering,
Was there ever a Sacrifice made?
How did the others make their way?

Shadows of growth lay low,
Destruction in our undergrowth
Laden our souls, non believers,

Dusted with bright white lines,
Rage of cocaine, follow the signs
Corporate rose glasses are deceiving

Dream of being terrified?
Never look down.

No thinking
Just power
I think we’ve found our answer

No speaking
Just triggers
It will be solved with violence

Never look down.
Never look down.
Aim, For Bullseye
Just drop the stone to crush the skull.

Dusted with bright white lines,
What a noble sacrifice,
Our country throws the stones we’re heaving.

The End

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