Ah, There Was a Time

Ah, yes, there was a time.

There was a time when I could run like the wind. I could play baseball all day, a double header in a hot August day. I could surf the big waves from the first light of sunrise to the last golden moment of sunset. I could lift a ton of iron, two hundred pounds at a time. I could climb the high mountain and then look for one higher to climb. I was a young man freshly made, on the verge of maturity, yet not over the crest of the hill. Ah, yes, there was a time.

There was a time when I could be the best of whatever. I could be a missionary doctor healing God’s children, an Albert Schweitzer for a new generation. I could be a singer of songs, filling this world with the glory of God’s music. I could be an author of bestsellers, the next Jack London or Mark Twain or even dare I say, the next Hemingway. I could be a star, someone of fame, someone with his name in lights for all to see. Ah, yes, there was a time.

There was a time when I kissed all the girls and the girls kissed me back. I was a good-looking fellow, trim, athletic, dashing in a teen idol way. I had clear blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. I was filled with romance and charm was my game. Ah yes, there was a day.

I was in the fullness of my teens, a boy on the verge of full manhood. The world was mine to take and life was mine to conquer. Then ... then ... well, then, adulthood came my way and choices had to be made. I could no longer be everything; I needed to choose. And in so doing, I began to learn of the ways of the deeper life. It is in the choosing. The deeper life involves the choosing to do this and not to do that, to be this and not to be that, and to find peace in discovering who you were meant to be

Ah, yes, there was a time in the April of my days when I could have been and done a thousand possibilities, but I and the Lord have chosen a few for me. And that choosing has been the measure of a good life.

Ah, yes, I treasure those fresh, glorious days of boundless dreams, for this old man has often the need to relive them every now and then.

The End

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