Aged Hearts

People often say that old couples holding hands is the most beautiful, romantic and uplifting image there is. 'Aged Hearts' is my homage to that image

An old man holds his old lady’s hand,

As they sit together on a park bench.

A very simple gesture,

One they’ve performed countless times before,

But that’s what makes it so special.


Hands that were once locked in teenage love;

Have had bands of marriage placed on them.

They’ve been gestured in argument

Then held in forgiving embraces.

They’ve held their hands of their children

And their grandchildren,

Yet lately they’ve held onto the head of a cane.


An old man holds his old lady’s hand

Yet no words are uttered between them,

There doesn’t need to be.

They’re aged hands yet ageless hands,

The intertwining wrinkles of ever-lasting emotion.


The sight of aged romance makes young lovers smile

At the promise of eternal love.

Of two smiles etched forever;

Of two hearts tied together

Like two hands clasped tight, on a park bench.

The End

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