Against the World

I wrote this as a response to the Virginia Tech Masacre back in 2007.

When the pain of all the world rest against your shoulder, It is ok to simmer, it is ok to smolder.

But others should never suffer at the hand of your disturbance.

For the killing of another is not the answer to your subservience.

How does the taking of another’s life give you vindication of your own? It only shows further weakness, it shows you are not grown.

For even in the decades of existence of the world’s strongest tree, it only takes one gentle poke for some sap to see.

Growing up is a test; you will always have a weakness. But knowing this is half the battle, next time respond with meekness.

Because meekness will get you further than anger ever will. For it shows the world that you can adapt without the need to kill.





The End

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