Hello everyone! Finally have come up with a morsel of my work. Do send ur comments and ratings. Criticisms, praises, advises are all welcome.........

                                                      I sit on my roof

                                                      With the quiet afternoon gurgling past me,

                                                      Scattering away its indefinite silences

                                                       Towards the remote banks of my imagination

                                                        Weighing up and down

                                                        Innumerous shadows of my thoughts;

                                                        An idle wind, like a lonely bird,

                                                        Flies above the dreamy world

                                                        Shaking it from its drowsy dreams

                                                         Muffled hammerings of tireless masons

                                                        Rave in vain like a solitary king

                                                         In a deserted kingdom of silence;

                                                         Like the flowing hairs of my grandma,

                                                          The afternoon ages away

                                                            In nets of sun and shadows

                                                           Leaving an everlasting aroma of musky nostalgia......

The End

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