I was a mannequin with detached legs

I watched you steal them, and hang them on the wall

Even at that, you took your time feeling them to my ankles

You were encouraged by how I was breathing so

I was your sweet unwilling martyr

Your hand caressing my face to yours

So helpless

The sweat I feel must mean I’m still alive

But I'm so desecrated I believe otherwise

My hands bound, head down

But I'm penetrated

Your hands undo me

To undo others

To undo others

I need them to make me feel that power

You had me hypnotized, paralytic

Stealing every bit of me away for yourself

This other however returns that power I never had

Taking from my lamb, brings me temporary sanity

Look what you’ve turned me to

I hate to be even powerless

But I hate the slightest power I get

You did this damage to me

The other, so precious, my lamb

Look what you have driven me to 

The End

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