Finding myself lost again despair reigns 
The only thing I have to give is excuses
Please, why do you have to be like this?
Can you not just leave me to bleed alone?
Now it's over you watch me and say things
You leave me crying with shame
I tell you lies, you can never know the truth
Everything is crashing around me again
Making out you are in the wrong
When really, I deserve the pain
Doesn't make this terror and hurt easier
Happily it will all go away
Become nothing but unpleasant memories
Fallen upon only in nightmares and dark moments
Is there an escape from my mistakes?
Or am I forever trapped
Confined within my own little world I created
I can't live like this
I can't live like this for much longer without collapsing
Falling to the floor and crying out for death
I'm crying out for a saviour
Someone, anyone needs to get me to my feet
Pull me away, forward to the future 
This is the aftermath of my mistakes
This is my own fault
And this is what I need to escape from 

The End

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